A Colorado mother opened up on Facebook about her teenage daughter's sexual abuse at the hands of her ex-husband (video below).

Catherine St. Germain of Loveland, Colorado, experienced every parent's worst nightmare when she got a call from the police on April 23, 2015, asking her to go to the station with her daughter and not tell her husband, KUSA reports.

When St. Germain arrived at the station, she was given a statement that her daughter had made accusing her husband, Aaron Scott, of sexually assaulting her the night before.

" … I started reading and I don't think I even made it more than a couple of lines in," St. Germain, 34, told KUSA. "And I just collapsed on her. And hugged her and told her I was so sorry and how much I loved her."

- Karin Sun, OpposingViews.com

This woman got a call from the police. The officer gave her explicit instructions: Come down here with your daughter -...

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