Remember this  duet from Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley...?

Well... it turns  out, it might have been someone else's song first!

Brad and Carrie  are being sued by Amy Bowen, a country singer/songwriter who performs under the  name Lizzie Conner. She says she wrote the song back in 2007, and performed it  at a few singer/songwriter workshops in Nashville.


(Photo: Getty Images)

The two  songwriters, John Kelley Lovelace and Charles Christopher Dubois, who "wrote"  the song for Brad and Carrie and are given credit for it on the album, attended  at least one of the workshops where Lizze performed. According to her, Charles  Dubois even suggested she make it a duet!

Lizzie is seeking  $10 million in damages and wants to be named the song's owner. Compare the  lyrics: 

Lizze's  chorus:

All  it takes is your kiss to remind me

All  I need is your touch to remind me

Yesterday's  gone

Take  me to the place we started from

When  love was young

Baby,  remind me

The first  chorus in the Paisley/Underwood song:

Been  so long, bet you forget

The  way I used to kiss your neck

Remind  me, remind me

So  on fire, so in love

Way  back when we couldn't get enough

Remind  me, remind me.