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According to Good Housekeeping, there are 7 things women do with their makeup that make them look older.

Check it out:

1. Too-Pale Foundation: you'll look pasty

2. Cakey Concealer: try using a brush-on highlighter pen with plenty of moisturizers 

3. Overdone Eyebrows: fill in too-small brows with a pencil

4. Streaked Blush: just apply in swirls over the apples of the cheeks

5. Lipstick Bleeding: apply lipstick with a brush, and don't forget liner

6. Too Much Foundation: if you need more coverage, use a tinted primer

7. Overdone Eye Shadow: this will make your eyes look weighed down

8. Jagged Eyeliner: don't tug at the corner of your eyes when applying

9. Brown Eye Shadow: brown tones can make you look more tired

10. Using Cream Blush Over Powder: if you're skin is dehydrated, the cream will stick to the dry parts and cake

11. Droopy Lashes: big, bright lashes make your face look brighter

12. Same Old Lipstick Colors: switch it up!

13: Too-Thick Lipstick: stick with sheers