Pickin' on Blake

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There are two petitions being circulated to remove Blake Shelton from the Grand Ole Opry. According to a March 9 report from Broadway Music, the two petitions are part of the backlash for Blake Shelton's comments about “old farts and jack***es.”

Both the Maggie Penn's Traditional Music Foundation and the Bob Everhart's National Traditional Country Music Association are trying to get Blake Shelton removed from the Grand Ole Opry. They didn't like his comments about traditional country music.

“Older people who do not buy my CDs or concert tickets are old farts and jack***es,” Blake Shelton said publicly.

“I am not seeing the problem,” Simone Atkins, from Oklahoma City, said. “Country music is big enough for traditional country and modern country. Traditionalist were upset with Garth Brooks and look how well he did.”

In addition to the two petitions, there is also a march in Nashville planned fro April 17. After the march, there will be a free concert of “traditional American music,” put on by the musicians participating in the march. (The Examiner)





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