Don't freak out, but it could've been very bad. NASA reveals that a massive solar flare nearly slammed into the earth two years ago!

The sun released a massive solar flare in July 2012, that nearly cooked the earth.  That's not language used to exaggerate… It really would have cooked the earth, and at least could've knocked out power on earth for years. We were extremely lucky to have dodged it...if the flare had happened just 1 week earlier, it would have been a direct hit! Had we been any closer, it would have knocked out every electronic device on the planet. Completely disabled them.

A direct hit would've cooked off our water supplies, crippling life on earth. Experts say it would have caused chaos, and disaster on an epic scale. 

And I hesitate to even mention this: the experts say that the chance of an event like this happening again in the next 10 years he's 12%. Better than one in 10.

Why is this just coming out now? Because the scientists at NASA have been confirming the information before releasing it to the public, to be sure it was 100% accurate.

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