Good morning~ Q102 Cares for Kids Radiothon is in the books and Rosie & I are back... back in our studio, back to playing our music. Most of this weekend I've spent getting caught up on sleep. I just wanted to take a second, as things go back to "normal" for us, to say Thank You.

On Thursday and Friday, you gave your hard earned money, and posted your support, and exceeded my wildest dreams of what we could do together for local kids. It's really made me prouder than ever to live here in Shenandoah Country.

I was on the phone with my parents talking about how meeting all those kids, their parents, and how hearing their amazing stories changed me for the better. And then I told them how you really came through for them, how your donations just kept coming, hour after hour.

And when I told them the final total, the said to me "You always talk about what a great community it is you live in, but that really proves it!." My mom said "They must have the biggest hearts to donate so much. You need to thank them"

And of course, I am. Thank you, for all the kids you helped, and their families too. 

It was the most meaningful two days of my career, and I'm so glad yo were a part of it.