More information has surfaced about Andy, the mystery man who Garth Brooks promised would be the first to know where he'll begin his upcoming world tour.

Andy is Andy Roberts, president of a janitorial company in Georgia who was in the audience of Garth's Las Vegas show on New Year's Eve. Andy was chosen to ask Garth anything he wanted, so he asked what city the tour would start. Garth jokingly said Vegas. When Garth noticed Andy's disappointment, he promised him he'd call and let him be the first to know the real answer before it was announced to the world.

Garth will find out the tour dates over the weekend, so Andy will get a call on Monday. A formal announcement about tour dates and music will be made on Tuesday, but Andy has other plans. He says he's going to share the information before it goes public, but isn't sure how he'll do it. He says, "I know everybody wants to know. I want to do it in the coolest way I can." 

You can bet that Andy's Twitter account will blow up on Monday.