If you’re suffering from the sniffles, do you have a cold or allergies? Let's break it down.  According to the director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, this is the deal:

It's an allergy if: 

  • You have a family history of allergies (whether seasonal or year-round, food or skin, or asthma)
  • Your symptoms last more than two weeks
  • You feel worse during high-pollen time periods
  • You experience that annoying itch in your eyes, nose and throat

But it's a cold if: 

  • The symptoms come on suddenly with no clear link to allergy season
  • There is thickening of the nasal mucus and a color change, which could mean infection
  • You have a headache, sore throat or cough and feel fatigue and loss of appetite

If you’re dealing with allergies, experts recommend a number of preventive treatments, like using a cayenne pepper-based natural nasal spray, showering every day in order to rinse off the pollens that have gathered on you, and wearing a hat and shades so you can protect your eyes.