We're finding out that the deadly round of storms that hit the midwest and south are touching the country community even deeper than first thought.  

In one case, Joe Don Rooney's hometown of Baxter Springs, Kansas lost one Sunday night.  All in all some 25 residents were injured.  Luckily for him, no damage to any of Joe Don's property.


Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery had damage at his Danville, Kentucky home.  There were reports of funnel clouds in the region overnight Monday, but no confirmed touchdowns in the state.  Eddie told "Central Kentucky News" that his house "was shaking really bad" and "it sounded like a locomotive" coming toward the property and says that he's amazed his ten-year-old son slept through it. 

Eddie says the storm woke him and his new wife, Jennifer, just before 1:30am early Tuesday morning.  

(Wait..."What wife?" you say? we checked, and- the happy couple just tied the knot over the weekend.)

In the end, Eddie's tool shed and chicken coop were destroyed, and one chicken is missing.  His patio set was also blown over, and his front screen door and several trees were damaged. But the people involved are all safe and sound.