So when all this business surrounding Tim McGraw appearing to smack a woman that made a grab for his private parts and ripped his jeans in the process, we pointed out that people weren't likely to react the same had it been a female performer being grabbed at by a man. Now, TMZ has additional footage showing that Tim's accuser actually smacked him on the backside MORE THAN ONCE before he reached his breaking point.

To take you back, Tim was captured on camera slapping at an Atlanta fan earlier this month ... after she got handsy and tore his already-ripped jeans. Tim's problem - he had shooed her hand away, and even hesitated before walloping her. She's since hired a lawyer and apparently wants money  "or else."

But the new video shows Jesslyn Taylor aggressively whacking Tim's bum five times before the slapping incident.  What does she have to say for herself? So far, not a thing. Smartly, reps for Tim had no comment either. 

Source: TMZ