While you may be happy to hear that the House of Representatives rightfully voted against raising its own pay last week, you might not know that it also quietly voted to keep a cherished perk: taxpayer-funded car leases!

Rep. Rich Nugent had offered an amendment to stop the practice, but it lost by 20 votes.

He told it like it is: "Today, members of Congress can lease Lexuses, BMWs, Infinities and Mercedes. Does that send a message to our folks back home that this is the right way to do it?"

More? ok:

Jamie Dupree at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution did a little number crunching and found that 63 reps (38 Democrats and 25 Republicans) use that allowance, spending $461,330 per year, and an average of over $610 per month each.

Which of those useless bums spends the most?

That would be Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer, who dishes out $1,319 a month for two vehicles.

Even if this allowance ever goes away, why spend so much?

Lexus? BMW? Mercedes? Is a Chrysler, Ford or  Chevy not good enough for them?