This happened yesterday in Florida:

The guy in the truck had been tailgating this woman for miles. She says he was also aggressively taunting her.  She finally grabbed her phone and started recording. (not the best idea, but now she has evidence) When he saw she was recording, he backed off as little, but still stayed on her bumper.

Wait 'til you see what happens. Now, she is in the left lane going slower than the other traffic, so I'm guessing that's how the tailgating began.

After he comes to a stop, she turned around and got a picture of his license plate, which she gave to the police after she called 911. The driver of the truck is now dealing with several charges.

Now, check this out...!(It's boring at the very beginning)

 When she posted it, she named it "Redneck Road Rage Instant Karma"...