Schools in Vancouver, Canada will no longer use the words "he" and "she." Instead they have decided to use the more politically correct, and apparently totally made up, "xe", which is pronounced zee.  The city's school board approved the new policy allowing pupils to call themselves and to be called by others 'xe', 'xem' and 'xyr' instead of 'he/she', 'him/her', and 'his/hers'.  Children will also be able to choose which toilet facilities to use -- the boys or the girls. They have also included a mandatory unisex option.  

One of the school board members said, "We're standing up for kids and making our schools safer and more inclusive."  But, some of the parents don't agree with the changes.  They're saying that six-year-olds aren't qualified to understand identity issues!  Some of them are still struggling to remember to use the toilet, let alone decide which one to use!

They had a public meeting to discuss and vote on this and, believe it or not, the policy was passed after only a brief debate.  They did say the meeting got  rowdy and it was guarded by the police.