More than roses...women would prefer: a red bow around a juicer,

  •  a Keurig coffee maker, or a tablet!

That's what the new study by polled over 1,300 women, and found that many prefer something besides red roses for a Valentine gift this year. 

Believe it or not guys, a juicer was on the favorite list of 24 percent of the women polled.

The key to making her happy on Valentine's Day might be as simple as asking her what she wants.


By the way...

  • Racy sleepwear is on this list of worst things to give her on Valentine's Day.
  • Keep in mind, not all women agree.  Some still prefer that box of chocolates or roses.  Over 198 million roses were sold in 2012.
  • Word to the wise – If you’re buying her lingerie...make sure you get the right size!