Yes, finding a date for the prom can be a stressful thing for guys and girls, but I'm pretty sure this is NOT the answer . . .

"The Los Angeles Times" is reporting the boys at Corona Del Mar High School in Newport Beach, California created a draft -- like a football draft!

They rank the female students and even sell first-round picks to anyone who wants to cough up the money!

One junior reportedly paid $140 to get a high first rank pick because he wanted to go with a specific girl. Some girls understandably have a problem with this, but as one guy says, "a lot of the girls respect the draft and stick with those dates." Really?


Well,  principal Kathy Scott is finally taking a stand...sort of. She is "discouraging" the boys from continuing this tradition, and sent a letter home asking parents to speak with their kids about how the “prom draft” could be harmful.