In upstate New York this morning, Police say there's no evidence to support arresting three-time Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart. But is his career in jeopardy?

 NY Police (and the racing world) have been consumed with Saturday night's crash at a dirt track where 20-year-old Kevin Ward Junior was killed. It all happened after Tony Stewart and  Kevin Ward's cars bumped on the dirt track, causing Kevin to spin out. As Tony Stewart made his way back around the track Kevin Ward jumped out of his car and inexplicably crossed the track, pointed at Tony's car and then was hit by Tony's tire.

Dale Jr said in an interview that deaths happen in this sport, and that both drivers and fans all know it. Everyone is saddened, especially Tony.  Yesterday he tweeted his remorse saying "there aren't words to describe the sadness I feel about the accident."

Authorities still have plenty of questions still for Tony Stewart. At worst, his future is in question. Authorities questioned Tony once on Saturday and again on Sunday. And they have not ruled out possible charges.

Tony (and before I go any further, full disclosure: I'm a fan) has a history of controversy on the track which won't help him if there's a court case.  Your remember back in 2011 that he was arrested after assaulting a track owner; later the charges were later dropped. Then Tony and Joey Lugano got into it back in 2013. people who don't know the sport might be surprised to hear this isn't uncommon~ for NASCAR drivers to get out of their car to confront an opponent.

That's what we're about to see: people who don't know a thing about NASCAR jumping into the conversation and acting like experts. Questioning the sport. Just be ready for it.

Tony Stewart did not race yesterday at Watkins Glen.