Every year it's the same conversation.

As a parent, the biggest fear when Halloween rolls around is that your child will be given poisoned or drugged candy.

 Today we are squelching this. It's nothing but an urban legend...and it is  that go with them are completely unfounded. 


Here's the deal, and spread it among your friends:

There are only two known cases of Halloween  candy poisoning in America, and both involved relatives!

In 1970, a boy died  of a heroin overdose and investigators did find it on his candy. However, ...turns out that the boy had accidentally consumed some of  his uncle's heroin stash, and to  try and cover up the incident and spare the uncle some jail time,  the family had sprinkled some on the candy to fool police and throw them off the trail.

The only other case on record happened in 1974.

This is the Pixie Stix incident.  Timothy O'Bryan died after eating a Pixy Stix that had been  laced with cyanide.  But the awful, horrible truth of his story is that his own father laced the candy, so he could collect insurance money.   


All these years since, parents (and certainly, some kids too) have inspected their candy haul...and now you know the true source of the panic!