We're spinning our Wheel of livestock for prizes this week at 7:15...it's our prizewheel, with pictures of common barnyard animals pasted on it. Whatever animal the wheel lands on, you make the noise that critter makes, and you get the prize.


We have NO BUDGET, so I have to draw the critters.But I'm starting to get offended.

 Rosie says she can't tell what my Barnyard Animals are. Clearly she doesn't appreciate real art.

This morning, she thought this was a tulip:


As anyone can see, it's a OWL. I even added a tootsie pop there on the right for good measure.

Yesterday she thought this was a Fox with a hangover.

As anyone can clearly tell, it's a raccoon. We'll spin the wheel again tomorrow morning at 7:15 for Kellie Pickler tickets!