As the Summer heats up for family road trips, a new survey shows that people think Dad is the better driver, but some would rather make the road trip with Mom behind the wheel. 

Here's how it breaks down:

A majority of adult children, 54%, said they’d prefer to go on a road trip with their mother.  Those who were asked said they think she keeps the car neater, chooses better music and will actually stop the car to eat when they get hungry.

Only 46% with Father knowing best when it comes to taking the wheel.  Meanwhile, get this: survey respondents complained that Dad is much more likely to pass gas, drive too fast, nod off while driving, take control of the radio and be stubborn about how much air conditioning is used in the car.  Almost three quarters, or 74%, also said Dad is more likely to get a bout of road rage and do things like race other drivers, cut them off, tailgate and honk excessively. 

But Mom's not off the hook, entirely.  In numbers ranging from 57% to a whopping 85%, folks said their mother is a worse “back seat driver” and asks for directions too often, and that she takes too many bathroom breaks, talks too much and attempts to have “deep conversations” aimed at you, her now captive audience.  Oh, and she drives too slowly. 

The survey was commissioned by Visiting Angels, an in-home senior care company.  It looked at 400 adults whose parents are 65 or older and still driving.  Better make your own road trip plans next time.

SourceNBC News