The first day of preschool is so exciting! New friends, the feeling of being on your own, and a crash course in child birth ?

It happened Friday morning in Texas~ Vanessa Deleon was in the advanced stages of labor when she thought she had time to drop by Fisher Elementary, en route to the hospital, to register her sonfor preschool, but her unborn baby had other plans.

Fisher Elementary staff members called for emergency medical assistance, but before EMS could arrive, Deleon’s baby, Geovanni, was born in the campus clinic. The 6 lb., 3 oz. baby boy’s birth was aided by the school nurse and principal.

A Pasadena ISD police officer arrived at the tail end of the delivery along with an EMT.

Mom says her contractions began earlier Thursday, but that she was intent on registering her son Alexis for pre-K. She didn’t let a little thing like child birth stop her, either! Her son Alexis was successfully registered at Fisher right before she became a mom again, for the fourth time.

Supermom and baby are both fine this morning. Don't know about the school nurse, or the principal!



Source: ABC News