Last time we all saw Zach Bowman on Q102 was at last year's Q102 Cares for Kids Radiothon ...

You'll remember him easily, he was the student from Martinsburg HS who fell dead on the track, was revived, and flown to Children's National for heart surgery upstairs, while we were downstairs doing our radiothon.

At the very end of the 2nd day, we had packed up and were ready to go back to the Q102 studios, and we got word that Zach was up and stirring, and wanted to see us. We were so happy, and raced to the elevator to go see him.

He was groggy but alive, and his family was the happiest I think I've ever seen. Zach made, thanks to Children's National's incredible staff. And today, he's talking about ski trips, camping trips, and living a normal, happy life! He was one of the 7% who survive the type of cardiac arrest he had!

Zach and his family will be joining us this year at our Radiothon (March 20-21st) to give us the rest of their amazing story! Wait til you hear what his family has to tell us!


Wanna see pictures from last year's Radiothon?! Behind the scenes pix are HERE.