Exhbit at Handley Library: The Strength of Women

Handley Library

Curated by the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, an exhibit called The Strength of Women is on display outside of the archives in the lower level of Handley Library. The exhibit shows elements of the local fight for women’s right to vote. The display also highlights Fannie Baker Dunlap, who registered for the vote on October 2, 1920 at 56 years of age, and Mary Elizabeth Pidgeon, a member of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. 

It is just one hundred years since Virginia women won the fight for the right to vote. In fact, Winchester’s first two women, Isabel E. Baker and Frances W. Beverly, registered to vote on August 27, 1920 – exactly 100 years ago this month. Though it was legal, many registrars did their best to make registration difficult for women. Winchester election officers struggled to manage the long lines of women eager to vote.

Free and open to the public at Handley Library during normal operating hours. Monday-Thursday 10AM-6PM, Friday 10AM-5PM, Saturday 10AM-2PM

Exhibit is located outside of the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives at Handley Library.

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