WATCH: dad builds huge luge run in family's backyard

A Utah dad named Thomas Williams is an early favorite for the Father of the Year award.

The 45-year-old father of 15 (seriously, 15!) is just like one of the kids, and each winter he builds a 300-foot long luge run in their yard for them to go sledding on.

The run starts atop an 18-foot frozen castle and sends kids sliding, turning and dropping on a 30-second-long thrill ride. 

It takes a lot of snow to build – more than he has on his own property – so he hauls in mounds of it from his neighbors' yards. This year's, he says, is the largest one he's ever built.

His 15-year-old son Daniel says, "We love spending time making the luge with our dad each year – it was scary fast this year. In one word, it’s epic!"