April 23rd The Internet As You Knew It Is Coming To An End

The Internet as you knew it is coming to an end.  

The FCC will end net neutrality on April 23rd.  That’s when they will kill all the rules that kept the Internet neutral.  

What does that mean? Well, starting April 23 if your Internet provider wants to, it will be able to slow speeds to movie services, or gaming services... even if you paid for them. For example, you pay Netflix a subscription fee, right? Your Internet provider can still slow you down. And give priorities to others.  

You don't want slow service? Don’t worry. You’ll be able to pay even more money to fix it. Not to Netflix, but to your Internet Service Provider  (say Comcast for example) to keep the speed you’ve been enjoying.  

Don’t you be fooled about the reason for this change in policy; it’s about creating an opportunity for companies to charge you more money, plain and simple.  

Is there any hope that it won't happen? A Coalition of 22 states plus the District of Columbia have filed legal charges trying to block it, so we'll see. Millions of voters told their senators and representatives to keep the internet neutral, but your voices were ignored by the FCC chair. 

In the meantime, take a look at some of the European countries where the Internet is not neutral.  (Click HERE for Portugal.)  They have to buy their internet in packages, just like cable, where they can access some websites, but not others… Unless they pay extra for it.  

That could be America, starting April 23.

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