Most Of Us Would Be Willing To Pay To Pee

Anyone who’s used a public toilet, and that’s likely most of us, knows the experience can be truly gross. Most public bathrooms aren’t the most sanitary place, and there’s no doubt we would rather avoid the experience as much as we can.

But what if there was a way to make that bathroom experience better?  Well, in a new poll, 56% of Americans say they’d be willing to pay to pee, as long as it meant a guarantee of a clean and well-stocked public restroom.  As for how much they’d shell out, 45% would spend a quarter, while 29% would go up to 50-cents and 6% would actually spend more than a buck.

It really shouldn’t be too shocking that folks would be willing to pay for a clean restroom, especially when 70% of people say they’ve had a really bad experience due to an unsanitary public restroom.  The biggest public restroom complaints include clogged or unflushed toilets, followed by jammed or empty toilet paper dispensers and doors that don’t latch closed.

  • And businesses really should be wary of all these complaints.  The survey finds that 82% of people think that if a restaurant has a dirty restroom, it’s “extremely” or “fairly” likely they’ll have a dirty kitchen.  What’s more, 47% of people say an unclean restroom tells them a company doesn’t care about their customers, while 46% think it’s a sign of poor management.

Source: Bradley Corp

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