Netflix Is Blasted For Showing Too Much Smoking

Anti-tobacco group Truth Initiative is blasting Netflix for showing too much smoking on screen.

The group looked at the 14 most popular shows from the streaming service among people ages 15 to 24.  It found 319 incidents of tobacco use, more than twice as many as shows on other platforms. "Stranger Things," set in the 1980s, had the most with more than 180 scenes with cigarettes.

Other shows at the top of the list included "Orange Is the New Black," "House of Cards," and "Fuller House."  While not a Netfilx-produced show, AMC's "The Walking Dead" is available on the service and had more than 80 examples.  A Netflix spokesperson told "Variety" the company wanted to find out more about the study.

That study also found more sex, violence, and cursing in streamed shows. 

Source: Washington Post

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