New Milk Jug Label Can Tell You When The Milk’s Bad

The old “Is this milk still good” question may get a lot easier to answer, thanks to new technology.  A new scientifically-designed use-by label is going to be tested in the U.K. and it’ll give us results we can literally feel.

Food tech company Mimica is partnering with dairy giant Arla to test a new kind of “bumpy” food label that’s described by the startup as “a biologically accurate food expiry indicator calibrated to experience decay at the same rate as food.”   What?  Well, the label contains a gel that breaks down according to changes in the food and outside temperatures.

When milk gets older, the bumps on the label raise up.  So even if it’s not past the “best before date,” users will know the milk isn’t good if the label is bumpy.  It’s more precise than traditional use-by dates on packages and should help cut down on food waste.

Source: My Recipes

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