Prince Charles and Camilla Plotted To Make Princess Diana Look Bad

In a new tell-all biography, author Tow Bower details what he says was Prince Charles’ and Camilla Parker Bowles plot to make Princess Diana look bad.  “Rebel Prince: The Power and Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles” comes more than 20 years after the end of Prince Charles’ turbulent relationship with Princess Diana.

After her fatal car crash, Charles planned to bring Camilla, his previous and true love back into the spotlight - something the public wasn’t ready for - by making Diana seem like a “scheming hysteric” as the book puts it.

According to Tom Bower . . . Camilla, Charles and their PR guy Mark Bolland teamed up with author Penny Junor, who was ready to portray Diana as “an unbalanced and unfaithful wife, suffering from a borderline personality disorder, who had compelled Charles to return to his true love. “

The plan worked enough to make the couple confident enough to step out in public together in 1999, before ultimately marrying in 2005 in St. George’s Chapel.  If that locale sounds familiar, it's where the next royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, will be married May 19th.

Source: People

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