Woman Uses Hair Dryer To Cook Chicken

Helen Rosner, a food writer for “The New Yorker” has taken a very different approach to crisping her chicken by using her $400 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.  She shared her method to “maximize skin crispiness” on Twitter. 

“I am using an astonishingly expensive hair dryer to remove all moisture from a chicken to maximize skin crispiness when I roast it,” wrote Helen.  She went on to explain her odd process to “Allure.”   “For crisp skin, whether you're cooking a chicken or a duck or a fish, you want there to be as little water moisture as possible, which is sped up by a fan,” Helen explains.  “And that's all a hair-dryer really is — a hand-held fan that you can pretty easily bring into the kitchen.”

And by the way?  Helen says you can “use any hair dryer on the chicken” even one without a “cool” setting, but she won’t be parting with her Dyson anytime soon.  “The fact that it's way, way, way better at drying my hair than any other dryer I've tried is just a bonus,” she says.  “The fact that it helps my roast chicken be so great is a double bonus.”

Source: Fox News

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