The Worst Meals Folks Have Been Served At A Friend's Home

While it’s perfectly nice for a friend or family member to invite you to their home for dinner, it doesn’t always mean you’re going to be enjoying a good meal.  All too often people invite folks over even though they have absolutely no ability to cook, which can result in some disastrous, and often disgusting, evenings.

Well, a new thread on Reddit has folks sharing the worst meal they’ve ever experienced at someone’s home, and there’s a good chance you may have once you’ve finished reading it.

Gross meals include:

  • “Undercooked chicken with strawberry yogurt as the topping (cooked with the yogurt plopped on top) and an orange slice as garnish.”
  • “A stir fry with a cup of vinegar in it.  My friend misread the instructions that said 1 tablespoon and put a cup in instead.”
  • “My grandmother once served me burnt-to-a-crisp hamburgers and hotdogs with dish soap washed salad (yes you could taste it.)  For dessert there was a cinnamon Jello made of Hot Tamales.”
  • “When I was nine or ten my friend’s mother offered me a half stick of butter as a snack. Apparently, my friend’s favorite afternoon snack was a stick of butter.”
  • “Roomie wanted to cook for us…he made cinnamon covered chicken breast.  We tried our best but couldn’t handle it.  He put cinnamon in again when he made Mac and Cheese.”
  • “Brothers wife put 5 boneless chicken breasts in a pan, poured canned peaches and canned pears over them and baked at 350 for an hour…It was a secret family recipe she loved.  It was terrible and I felt poisoned.”
  • “A guy I was dating in high school tried to impress me by making chicken alfredo.  He didn’t have heavy cream for the sauce so he used French vanilla coffee creamer and didn’t tell me.”
  • “My mother-in-law…once served almond cookies for dessert but brought Parmesan cheese instead of ground almonds.  She realized after she baked them and knew it and still served them as dessert.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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