SURVEY SAYS: Majority Of Americans Stressed About Finances


It’s no secret that a lot of Americans are dealing with stress, and it seems one of the biggest things stressing people out is money.

A new survey finds that 87% of people say they are stressed about  their current finances, despite being employed full time or having a  spouse who’s employed full time. So, what are the biggest things causing  this financial stress? Well, they include: 

  • Household bills – 47%
  • Lack of funds to cover unexpected expenses - 43%
  • Retirement planning – 37%
  • Healthcare expenses 34%
  • High credit balance – 30%
  • Accumulating credit card debt – 29%
  • Lifestyle changes - 25%
  • Education – 21%

Unexpected expenses are something that occurs to a lot of people, so  it makes sense that it’s a big stressor. The survey finds that 74% of  full-time employees have experienced an unexpected expense in the last  12 months, with many not having enough money in savings to cover it.

In fact, while it’s recommended that people keep $2,000 in an emergency savings account, only 59% of people say they actually do so.  The survey finds that while 19% of people say they have six months pay in their emergency savings, another 19% have less than one month’s pay,  and another 19% have none at all.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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