World’s First Robot-Made Burger Is About To Go Live

On June 27th Creator unveiling its first robot restaurant in San Francisco. Customers can get a  burger crafted by a 14-foot-long “culinary instrument” — also known as a robot for $6. Creator’s burger-making robot is a long stretch of sleek machinery, with 350 sensors, 50 actuators, and 20 computers to ensure every sauce is dispensed down to the milliliter and every spice down to the gram.  Machines can cook burgers over a hot griddle and slice tomatoes more efficiently than a human can do. The strands of meat hang vertically and are lightly pressed together. Three compressed-air tubes hold fresh-baked brioche buns, ready to push one out to a belt when you place your order. An app will let people customize the exact ratios of all the ingredients. In September, Creator will be open to the public.