Teen Has Best Response To VA Restaurant Shaming Him For Paying With Coins

A teenager was recently shamed online for paying his restaurant bill with all quarters. 

His response to the restaurant's post was perfect!

The teen, who is calling himself "The Quarter Boy" on his new Facebook page, explained that he was able to use those quarters to pay for his friends' meals as well as his own, and enjoys paying for others (even if he has to use change). He left a good tip too by the way.

The restaurant took down their original post. But The Quarter Boy posted a screenshot of it and has now started his own revolution for change... using change. He started a fundraising page and he will use 100 percent of that money to go to restaurants with quarters and pay for someone's meal. He also asked restaurants who would like him to go to their establishment to reach out to him, because his intent is not to make any servers mad. 

His plan is to film each moment surprising someone with their paid for meal and post it to his Facebook page "so that you can see too how big a change just a little “change” can make."

Virginia Restaurant Shames Teen Who Paid With Change
Virginia Restaurant Shames Teen Who Paid With Change
They’re getting lots of backlash for it too. Have you ever been to this restaurant?


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