Ben & Jerry's Is Testing Out Snackable Cookie Dough

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Our biggest weakness when it comes to cookies is definitely eating the cookie dough!

It just tastes so good and you can't stop eating it!

Well, Ben & Jerry's knows all about the good things in life because they just launched snackable cookie dough!

Introducing: Cookie Dough Chunks.

It's just like eating those little sweet bites of cookie dough that you find in their pints of ice cream.

There are two different flavors: chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough.

The Cookie Dough Chunks are currently on grocery store Vermont.

You may be thinking "Why Vermont?"

Well that's the home state of Ben & Jerry's and if all goes well in the test, these bites will launch nationwide!

So for those of you in Vermont, you know what to do...

Help us all out so we can all try the deliciousness of cookie dough chunks!

There’s no denying that deep down, we’re all disgusting monsters. We love @benandjerrys because of how much crap they cram into our ice cream, and we also love eating raw cookie dough by the spoonful. Well, introducing bags of it. Ben & Jerry’s is testing these Cookie Dough Chunks - the same ones they put in their ice cream - at Vermont Scoop Shops. They’re safe to consume raw and if you Vermonsters gobble it up, it may be available online and in other distribution channels later this year. Big responsibility, Vermont. Please support “Oops! All Chunks” so the rest of the country can enjoy too. Thank you to @benandjerrys for including me in this launch; it saves me a lot of gas money on what would have been an inevitable trip to Vermont.

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