Helicopter Rescues Blind Dog Lost At Sea

A day at the beach almost had a tragic ending for a man and his dog. Mark Cowing was playing on the shore of Lepe Beach in England with his blind dog, Fly, when the border collie decided to leave the sand and go for a swim.

Cowing stripped down and jumped into the water, swimming out to try to rescue his pooch, but couldn’t find him. The current swept Fly away and his owner thought the worst - that his dog had drowned. He was struggling to swim himself until a 71-year-old stranger came out in his kayak and brought him back to shore.

A call to the Coast Guard brought a helicopter out to help search for Fly and they spotted the struggling dog about 600-feet offshore. A lifeboat was sent to rescue the tired, blind dog, pulling him safely into the boat. Cowing says he feels “like a complete and utter idiot” about it, but he gave Fly four servings of dinner and a pork pie after the rescue.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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