Psychology Facts That You Never Knew About Yourself

You learn something new about yourself every day, but in the case of these 18 facts you might not have ever known these things about yourself.

So get ready to learn something new for the day and not have to learn anything else by checking out these facts:

  1. People who view TV crime shows are often people who overestimate the frequency of crime in the real world.
  2. Closing your eyes actually helps you remember things.
  3. Women with higher IQs often have a harder time finding a partner.
  4. People with low self-esteem are more likely to criticize each other.
  5. Convincing yourself you slept well can often make you think you really did
  6. The average person can only remember seven things at any time.
  7. People who tend to frequently swear are often more loyal and honest friends

Now that you have read those seven facts, which is the max amount of things you can remember at any time, you can go HERE to see the rest of the facts, but it's best to only look at seven facts per reading.

(The Chive)

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