Human Trafficking: Here’s Where Your State Ranks

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The website keeps statistics of human trafficking. In Virginia, there have been 502 calls this year to the National Human Trafficking Hotline and 156 cases reported. In West Virginia, there have been 57 calls and 16 cases reported. Check out the website for a bunch of statistics on human trafficking in your state. Just click here and choose your state in the drop down menu. 

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Did you know? Forced labor and child-labor trafficking is more common in the United States than people know. We're a member of the Tennessee Anti-Slavery Alliance, which is advocating statewide for systemic change for both sex and labor trafficking. Find out more by visiting them at @tnantislavery. . . . . #antislavery #humantrafficking #Tennessee

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@Regran_ed from @nissiwinc - Criminals know no borders and #humantrafficking is happening in the United States. Let’s #stopthistogether

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