Thomas Rhett's Wife Lauren Puts Internet Troll In Its Place

Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren handled this situation way better than I would have. Lauren posted the cutest picture on Instagram of her two daughters, Ada James and Willa Gray – Lauren is holding Ada and another lady named Macy is holding Willa. This picture didn't settle right with one internet monster who started attacking Lauren because she wasn’t holding "the right daughter" in the picture. They wrote, "Anyone else notice that Macy is more of a mom to Willa than Lauren is?"

Are you kidding me? That comment had MY blood boiling. Lauren handled the comment with such grace!!!!! She said Quote, "Oh, I don't notice that. If you saw it from our personal life instead of through an Instagram feed you may feel differently. I am definitely Willa Gray's mama. She LOVES Macy . . . and all of [our] family . . . but Macy is her aunt. They are so close and it's precious."

Way to shine such a beautiful light Lauren and take that internet monster! 


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