Are You Ready For A New Oreo Flavor This Holiday Season?

The holiday's are a busy season and not everyone has the time to make cookies from scratch. Oreo has got you covered with their newest, limited edition, holiday flavor...Peppermint Bark Oreo's!!

Everyone loves peppermint bark and now it is here in a cookie! This festive flavor is here to make your life easier and your taste buds rejoice. I'm sure your friends and family would love if you brought these to any holiday party.

Don't confuse these with the Peppermint Creme Oreo's or the Candy Cane Oreo's! This new holiday flavor has peppermint flavored creme accompanied by crunchy sugar crystals between the classic chocolate cookie ends.

These limited edition cookies will hit the store shelves on October 29th, that's just a few days away! SO stock up while you can and be the first to try this new flavor.

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