Kid That Killed His Mother Tells Cops "Very Proud Of What He Did"


According to, "The murder of Gail Cleavenger is as gruesome as it is chilling... Police in Volusia County, Fla., have charged Cleavenger's 15-year-old son, Gregory Logan Ramos, with strangling his mother in the early hours of Friday after the pair argued about a D grade he'd gotten in school." After being arrested Ramos apparently said he was proud of what he done to his mother. Sheriff Mike Chitwood, told the press, "he didn’t strangle her with a rope, he used his bare hands, which by his estimate, took him 30 minutes to kill her." Ramos then tried to cover up his crime with the help of his two friend, who have also been arrested. told police he later buried his mother beneath a fire pit and staged a burglary at the house with the help of two friends, who are also charged.



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