Study Says Firstborns Are Smarter Than Their Siblings

If you're the firstborn in your family, you have the right to brag!  According to Simplemost, there is a new study out that proves that the firstborn child in the family is the smartest!

"According to a study conducted by economists at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sydney, firstborn children are smarter than their younger brothers and sisters."

And another study found that firstborn daughters are more AMBITIOUS!

"A study at the University of Essex in England found that firstborn daughters tend to be more ambitious. Need proof? Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Christine Lagarde, Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, JK Rowling and BeyoncĂ© are all the oldest children in their families!"

To what does it boil down to? Mom & Dad! Firstborns get more of their attention because there isn't another kiddo to care for yet so they put all their energy towards that kid - learning what it's like to be a new parent and so forth too. It's a learning experience for everyone. 



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