Casey Kasem’s Family Believes He Was Murdered

As you might recall, radio legend Casey Kasem died on Father’s Day of 2014 at the age of 82 from Lewy's Body Dementia (a condition similar to Parkinson's disease). But his family - the whole lot of them - see things a little differently and it's the focus of this weekend's edition of CBS' "48 Hours" news magazine.

Of course, the horrible battle surrounding the legendary entertainer has been well-documented...and Casey’s passing hasn't mellowed any of it. His second wife, Jean, remains in a heated battle against his three children from his first marriage – Kerrie, Julie and Michael claiming that they “tricked” him into giving them power of attorney back in 2007. She blames them for his death.

Of course, this comes after the now-adult trio filed a wrongful death suit against Jeannie in 2015 for elder abuse (as they claimed she had blocked all access to him), saying she’s the one who killed him after moving him from a rehab facility to a friend’s house. And here's where things REALLY get squirrely:

  • Once they located their dad and brought him back to the hospital? Jeannie claims they “told his doctors to unhook his nutrition, hydration and medicine and left him to die.” And she says it was all about insurance money.
  • Bizarrely, after his death, she then took off with his body...and had him buried in Norway.
  • Meanwhile...following Jeannie’s homicide accusations, police in Gig Harbor, Washington – aka where Casey was taken to the hospital and died – have apparently launched an investigation into his death.

See everyone's side for yourself on this Saturday's edition of “48 Hours,” which airs at 10pm ET/PT on Saturday.

Source: New York Post



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