Alexa Hacks To Lower Holiday Stress

 Holidays are a time to be with friends and family, but that brings stress.

There’s a lot of work involved with getting the home ready, planning family feasts, and having guests stay over. Instead of freaking out, we’ve got some Alexa hacks to help make your season bright. You’ve got her there to help, so put her to work!

  • Crank up the tunes. Nothing makes holiday chores more fun than iHeart Radio’s iHeart Santa.
  • Set timers for you holiday cooking.
  • Have Alexa read off recipe instructions.
  • Holiday shop.
  • Have Alexa put your holiday lists together.
  • Enable the Christmas Countdown skill.
  • Have Alexa control your holiday light display. We bet you didn’t think of that!

Source: Bustle


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