Singing Baby Shark Toys Have Arrived For Your Little Ones This Christmas

Baby Shark... doo do do do dooo!

If you thought this song was stuck in your head before... just wait!

Get ready to keep singing parents!

Now you won't even need Youtube!

There are now dolls available for purchase that sing the "Baby Shark" song!

WowWee has launched two different kinds of official Baby Shark toys: a cuddly doll and a soft, stackable sound cube.

When you squeeze either one, the song will play!

They come in three different varieties, a Baby Shark, a Mommy Shark and a Daddy Shark!

Currently, these sharks are available now for pre-order and will ship just in time for Christmas!

If you are looking to pre-order now, just click here! 

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Get Back To The Basics With Kids Holiday Toys

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