Study Finds Employees Are More Productive During The Holiday Season

While it may seem like a lot of your co-workers are goofing off at the office because it’s the holiday season, a new poll finds that workers are actually working harder as the year comes to a close.

A new survey by AccounTemps finds that 65% of employees say they are actually more productive during the holiday season, with only 35% admitting they are less productive. For those who are less productive, most cite personal commitments (36%) as the reason their output has fallen during the holidays, while 31% blame it on greater year-end workloads, 17% say it’s because it’s cold and flu season, and another 16% admit it’s due to holiday shopping.

And it turns out workers in some states are more productive than others during the holiday season. Workers in 28 states were surveyed, with employees in Miami, Chicago and San Francisco claiming to be the most productive. On the flipside, workers in Boston, Des Moines and St. Louis seem to be the least productive, with less than 50% of respondents in each state saying they work more over the holiday season.

Source: AccounTemps

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