This 7-Year Old Made $22 Million Last Year on YouTube

Forbes has come out with this year’s list if the top 10 highest-earning YouTube stars and it could make you feel a little bit old. Forbes came up with the biggest earners list by taking into account their video advertising profits, merchandise deals, and other revenue sources and everyone on it is on the younger side, but the number one spot goes to a seven-year-old boy.

The pint-size vlogger is Ryan, who reviews cool playthings under the name Ryan ToysReview and he’s like most other kids his age because he loves Legos and trains, but he also has 17-million followers. And he had a good haul last year, raking in $11-million, but this year he doubled that, banking $22-million in 2018. Not bad for an elementary school side hustle.

Also making Forbes highest paid YouTubers list this year is Logan Paul, who landed in the number 10 spot. The 23-year-old got in trouble last December after showing a real dead body on his channel, so he’s down after coming in number four in 2017. But he still made $14.5-million in 2018, so he’s doing something right.

And it must run in the family because Logan’s little brother actually snagged the number two position this year. Jake Paul surpassed his brother’s earnings and the 21-year-old has had a really, really good year with an income of $21.5-million.

Source: New York Post

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