Babies Born in December Are Nicer and Live Longer


Were you born in December and feel like you got a bit of a rough deal because of the holidays? Well there’s some good news to being a December baby according to science. 

According to a study published in the “Journal of Ageing Research,” having a birthday in the final month of the year means you’re more likely to remain on this Earth beyond the age of 100 (up to 105, to be precise).

They’re also nicer people. A survey of college students in America revealed people born in December complain less than others and are less prone to mood swings.

Looking for a great mate? Hit up a December baby. 

December babies are also healthier. A study of 1,749,400 people from the United States suggests December babies have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

According to its principal investigator, the findings are down to “seasonal variations.” 

As if that wasn’t good enough, we’re also destined to become dentists. Researchers from the Office of National Statistics found a statistical link between birth month and certain professions, reports the “Mirror.”

December babies are also natural born athletes, according to a study in the “International Journal of Sports Medicine.” 

Matt Damon's 'SNL' skit about parenting stress during the holidays - Thumbnail Image

Matt Damon's 'SNL' skit about parenting stress during the holidays

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