The New Year Will Be All About The Pegan Diet

If you thought being vegan was trendy, wait until you hear about the latest diet fad: Peganism. It’s going to be all over 2019, and it’s basically a mixture of being vegan and being paleo. A little confusing, considering being paleo involves eating lots of meat and protein and being vegan means cutting out animal products altogether.

The idea behind being pegan is that you can add eggs, oily fish, and meat back into your diet – as long as they were obtained sustainably. All of the meat you eat has to be grass-fed. Keep in mind, though, while you can still indulge in the occasional grass-fed burger patty, 75% of your diet should still be vegetables.

As soon as you get your individual health needs in order, being pegan is definitely something you should consider if you can’t commit to a meatless diet. But go into it with an open mind – you’ll still have to ditch your favorite dairy products!

Source: Metro

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