New Snake Species Found… Insider Another Snake

Scientists have discovered a new species of snake, but it was found in an unlikely place… inside another snake’s stomach. According to a new herpetology paper, the species has been dubbed the Cenaspis Aenigma, which appropriately means “mysterious dinner snake.”

It turns out the discovery is a long time coming. Back in 1976, a Central American coral snake was found in southern Mexico. When researchers found that the snake’s last meal of another serpent was still in its belly, they had it preserved in a museum… fast forward more than 40 years later, researchers have completed their study of the snake’s insides and discovered the new species.

They’re still hoping to find a living example of the snake in order to answer some questions they have about the new species. They believe that it’s a burrowing snake, but are wondering why it has a distinctive “ventral pattern” that isn’t characteristic of that type. Either way, Herpetologist Jonathan Campbell says that the discovery “provides evidence of just how secretive some snakes can be.”

Source: National Geographic

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