Man Finds Christmas List For Santa Tied To A Balloon

"Love has no borders." That's what Randy Heiss, an Arizona man who fulfilled the Christmas wish list for a Mexican girl, says.

An eight-year-old girl named Dayami attached her Christmas wish list to a balloon and released it into the sky, hoping it would reach Santa. Instead, Heiss stumbled upon the ragged remains of the balloon with the note attached while hiking in Southern Arizona.

Some of the items on the wish list were art supplies, slime, a doll and a dollhouse. After some help from social media, Heiss was able to locate the girl and arranged for he and his wife to meet up with the her so she could get her toys. Dayami and her younger sister Ximena were both given toys from the Heiss family.

Heiss and his wife lost their son a few years ago, so the experience was healing for them, he says.Source: WBBH TV

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